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Composting and recycling

Please note the following instructions regarding the recycling of waste during your stay at our cottages, in accordance with Municipal Waste Regulation 2022-M-338:

Brown bin: Use it exclusively for COMPOSTING food residues such as fruit and vegetable peels, food leftovers, paper plates and napkins. A paper bag will be provided at your cottage for these food residues. Do not add any plastic, metal or glass to the brown bin.

Green bin: Use it for RECYCLING all plastic packaging labeled 1-2-3-4-5, cardboard boxes, water and juice bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles.

Black bin: Use it for general WASTE, including plastic utensils, diapers, and all snack packaging such as chip bags, granola bars, etc.

Please note that failure to comply with the sorting instructions may result in contamination of the bins. In case of contamination or improper sorting, a fee of $75 will be deducted from your deposit.



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